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Programme: M.Tech - Industrial Engineering & Management

Duration: Four Semesters (out of which One and half semester will be for taught courses and balance two and half semesters for Term Paper, project/Thesis Work)

Objective: Combining the training of Engineers with management.

Career: The scope of Industrial Engineering is expanding over the years and more so when combined with Management Capabilities. Industrial Engineers (IEs) are synonymous with System Integrators – A big picture thinker. They engineer processes and systems that improve quality and productivity. IEs figure out how to improve things – how to increase efficiency of work methods, improve product features, better utilization of materials or energy and save enterprises money, which is why more and more companies are recruiting industrial engineers in a variety of settings / departments and subsequently promoting them into management positions. Professionals trained in Industrial Engineering & Management work in a variety of industry / business.

Scope: The Programme is interdisciplinary in nature and prepares students to undertake multidisciplinary assignments in corporate organizations. The state-of-the-art encompasses a lot of engineering fields of study such as production and product system design, quality engineering & management, supply chain and logistics, ergonomics, reliability studies, industrial management and information technology. Apart from the classroom teaching, practical sessions will be held in laboratories. Resources will also be drawn from industry to cater to the changing needs. The teaching methodologies stress on developing both analytic & holistic frame of mind among students through their involvement in practical and real – life projects for developing commercially viable products, through assignments, case studies, colloquiums and seminars.

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