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  Faculties of Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. Amiya KarmakarAssistant Professor
Dr. Koushik MajumderAssistant Professor
Dr. Pradyut SarkarAssociate Professor
Dr. Santanu PhadikarAssociate Professor
Dr. Sriparna SahaAssistant Professor
Dr. Sriyankar AcharyyaProfessor
Dr. Sujoy MistryAssistant Professor
Dr. Suparna Biswas (Saha)Assistant Professor
Mihir SingAssistant Professor
Professor. Debashis DeProfessor
Rupali PatuaAssistant Professor
Saikat BasuAssistant Professor
Santanu ChatterjeeAssistant Professor
Sayantani SahaAssistant Professor
Subhanjan SarkarAssistant Professor

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