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Different Committees
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  • Anti-ragging Committee
  • Anti-Ragging Squad
  • Internal Complaint Committee regarding Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
  • Board of Discipline
  • Library Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Building Committee
  • Reasearch Committee

    Anti-ragging Committee
    Prof. (Dr.) Saikat Maitra, Vice-Chancellor Chairperson
    Dr. Partha Pratim Lahiri, Registrar, MAKAUT, WB Member & Convenor
    Chairman Haringhata Municipality (Representative from Civil Administration) Member
    Inspector in-charge, Haringhata Police Station (Representative from Police Administration) Member
    Smt. Mita Mukherjee Senior Reporter, The Telegraph (Representative from Local Media) Member
    Prof. (Dr.) Subhabrata Roychowdhury Member
    Prof. (Dr.) Raja Banerjee, Director School of Biological Sciences, MAKAUT, WB Member
    Prof. (Dr.) Debashis De, Director School of Computational Sciences, MAKAUT, WB Member
    Dr. Indranil Mukherjee, Director School of School of Natural and Applied Science, MAKAUT, WB Member
    Prof. (Dr.) Sriyankar Acharya, Department of CSE, MAKAUT, WB Member
    Dr. Ranjita Biswas, Asso.Prof. Department of Biotechnology, MAKAUT, WB Member
    Student Representatives (2 from 1st year B. Tech, 2 from 2nd year B. Tech, 1 from 3rd year B. Tech, 1 each from M. Tech 1st year & 2nd year) Member
    Representative from NGO Member
    Sri Deep Subhra Guha Roy, Research Scholar, MAKAUT, WB Member
    Miss Bipasha Mahato, Research Scholar, MAKAUT, WB Member
    Mr. Pradyut Kar, Employee, MAKAUT, WB Member
    Dr. Bratati Ghosh Member

    Anti-Ragging Squad
    Dr. Santanu Phadikar - Convenor
    Dr. Kaushik Mazumder - Member
    Dr. Tufan Naiya - Member
    Dr. Suparna Biswas - Member
    Sri Bivash Mullick - Member
    Dr. Md. Aftabuddin - Member

    Internal Complaint Committee regarding Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
    Prof. Sudakshina Gupta (Calcutta University, Department of Economics)
    Dr. Madhumita Manna -Principal, Bidhannagar College
    Dr. Jaya Bandyopadhyay
    Sri Devasish Jana, M.M.I.C (SWM), Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation
    Sri Pradyut Kar
    Smt. Anima Halder
    Smt. Bratati Ghosh

    Board of Discipline
    Professor (Dr.) Krishnendu Chakraborty, Principal, Government College of Engineering and Ceramic Technology (GCECT) Chairman
    Prof. (Dr.) Pranabesh Chakraborty, Director, Bengal School of Technology Member
    Dr. Goutam Mukherjee, Associate Professor, Government College of Engineering & Leather Technology Member
    One representative nominated by the Director of Technical Education, West Bengal Member
    Ms. Nandini Mitra, Legal Advisor of MAKAUT,WB Member
    Dr. Swapan Kumar Maity, Inspector of College, MAKAUT,WB Member Secretary
    Shri Amar Kanti Ghosh of Registrar's Unit, MAKAUT,WB Convenor

    Library Committee
    Prof. Saikat Maitra, Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, MAKAUT,WB
    Pro-Vice Chancellor, MAKAUT,WB
    Dr. Atri Bhowmik, Finance Officer
    Prof. Raja Banerjee, HoD, Department of Bioinformatics
    Prof. Debashis De, HoD, Department of Computer Science and HoD, Department of IT
    Dr. Madhumita Das Sarkar, HoD, Department of Microelectronics and VLSI Technology
    Dr. Indranil Mukherjee, HoD Department of Management
    Dr. Jaya Bandopadhayay, HoD, Department of Biotechnology
    Ms. Najmun Nessa, Assistant Librarian

    Sports Committee
    Pro Vice-Chancellor Chairman
    Dr. Atri Bhowmick Jt Secretary
    Dr. Goutam Mukherjee Jt Secretary
    Mr. Pradyut Kar Jt Secretary
    Dr. Santanu Phadikar Member
    Dr. Suparna Bisawas Member
    Dr. Tufan Naiya Member
    Dr. Kalobaran Das, Cammelia Institute of Technology Member
    Mr. Sukhen Mandal, Dr. Sudhir Ch. Sur College of Engg Member
    Ms. Madhumita Batul, Haldia Inst of Technology Member
    Ms. Mayurakshi Mukherjee, University Blue Member
    Mr. Subhanjan Sarkar Jt Secretary
    Mr. Ranjan Mandal University Sports Champion Jt Secretary
    University Sports Champion Member
    Mr. Dibyendu Dutta Member
    Ms. Anima Halder Member
    Mr. Pritam Chakraborty Member
    Registrar Secretary

    Building Committee
    Prof. Saikat Maitra, Vice-Chancellor, MAKAUT,WB Chairman
    Pro-Vice Chancellor, MAKAUT,WB Vice-Chairman
    Financial Advisor, Higher Education Dept., Govt. of WB Special Invitee
    Dr. Jaya Bandopadhyay, Associate Prof. Dept. of Bio-technology, MAKAUT,WB Member
    Dr. Debashis De, Professor, Dept. of CSE, MAKAUT,WB Member
    Shri Debasish Sarker, Executive Engineer, PWD, Govt. of WB. Member
    Prof. C. K. Chanda, Professor, Dept. of EE, IIEST Member
    Prof. Saroj Mandal, Dept. of Civil Engg., JU. Member
    Shri Ashis kumar Chakraborty, Engineer (Electrical), MAKAUT,WB. Member
    Shri Debashis Basu, Engineer (Civil), MAKAUT,WB Member
    Dr. Atri Bhowmik, Finance Officer, MAKAUT,WB. Member
    Registrar MAKAUT,WB. Member-Secretary

    Research Committee
    Prof. Raja BanerjeeMember
    Prof. Debashis DeMember
    Dr. Madhumita Das SarkarMember
    Dr. Indranil MukherjeeMember
    Dr. Jaya BandopadhayayMember

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