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Project Report on Study of Quantum Dot Cellular Automata for designing circuits and implementing them for high speed and low power fault tolerant computing
Name Designation Title of the Project Approved on
Dr. Atri Bhowmik Finance Officer, MAKAUT, WB Social-Cost-Benefit Analysis of Privatisation of Engineering & Management Education in West Bengal 16.06.2016
Prodip Mozumdar (under Dr. Madhumita Das Sarkar) Student(RA-TEQIP) Characterization of High Density Capacitor Based on Porous Silicon & High-K Material 16.06.2016
Dr. Madhumita Das Sarkar Faculty, Microelectronics & VLSI Technologies Fabrication of High Density Capacitor using Porous Silicon & High-K Material 16.06.2016
Prof. Sreeparna Banerjee H.O.D of Industrial Engineering and Management Dept. Shape Analysis of Cyclone Cloud Intensity Patterns 16.06.2016
Dr. Koushik Majumder Faculty, Dept. of Information Technology Quality of Service Optimisation in Heterogeneous Network 16.06.2016
Dr. Debashis De H.O.D. of Dept. of CSE & IT Sensor Mobile Cloud Computing: Algorithm, Architecture & Applications 16.06.2016
Sadip Midya( under Dr. Koushik Majumder) Student-RA, TEQIP Efficient Hand off Management in vehicular Adhoc Networks 16.06.2016
Deepsubhra Guha Roy (under Dr. Debashis De) Student-RA, TEQIP QoS Aware Offloading Strategies in Mobile Cloud Computing 16.06.2016
Priti Deb (under Dr. Debashis De) Student-RA, TEQIP Internet of Things Based System Design for Fifth Generation Mobile Network 16.06.2016
Dr. Santanu Phadikar Faculty, Dept. of CSE & IT Agricultural Disease Prediction to Increase Productivity 16.06.2016
Prasanna Roy (under Dr. Koushik Majumder) Student Efficient Hand off Management in Vanet 16.06.2016
Palash Santra (under Dr. Koushik Majumder) Student Cloud Forensic & its Security Enhancement 16.06.2016
Debojyoti Hazra (under Dr. Koushik Majumder) Student Efficient Task Scheduling in Cloud Environment 16.06.2016
Prof. Subrata Kumar Dey & Poulami Majumder Pro Vice Chancellor, MAKAUT, WB Study of some Gene Polymorphism and Promoter Methylation in Chronic and Aggressive Periodontitis 08.07.2016
Dr. Jaya Bandyopadhya & Dr. Debashis De H.O.D. of Dept. of Biotechnology Investigation of the physico-chemical properties of Carbon Based nanomaterials and its biological implications with a special relevance for designing a sensor 08.07.2016
Swagata Roy Chowdhury(under Dr. Jaya Bndyopadhyay) Student-RA, TEQIP Molecular study of miRNA regulation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) using neuroblastomas as a cellular model 08.07.2016
Kunal Biswas(under Dr. Jaya Bandyopadhyay) Student-RA, TEQIP Study of the magneto-thermal properties of Graphene-metallic nanocomposites and its biological implications 08.07.2016
Mandar Bhattacharya(under Prof. Subrata Kumar Dey) Student-RA, TEQIP Investigation on Meiosis Specific Chromosomal Segregation genes of Trisomy 21 down syndrome 08.07.2016
Poulami Majumder(under Prof. Subrata Kumar Dey) Student-RA, TEQIP Study of Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP) gene polymorphism in periodontitis 08.07.2016
Pranami Bhaumik (under Prof. Subrata Kumar Dey Student-RA, TEQIP Studies on the P-53 gene polymorphisms in Alzheimer's Disease 08.07.2016
Angshuman Biswas (under Prof. Subrata Kumar Dey) Student-RA, TEQIP Extraction Culture and Maintenance of Stem Cells from Human Dental Tissue 08.07.2016
Piya Patra (under Dr. Raja Banerjee & Prof. Jaydeb Chakrabarti, S.N Bose) Student-RA, TEQIP Study of antimicrobial peptides towards the microscopic insights 08.07.2016
Dr. Raja Banerjee H.O.D. of dept. of Bioinformatics Design of anion-binding receptor based on 'CaNN' motif 08.07.2016
Swagata Panchanan (under Dr. Madhumita Das Sarkar) Student-TA, TEQIP Fabrication of organically polymer embedded silicate matrix using sol-gel method 08.07.2016
Shrayosi Bhadra(under Dr. Madhumita Das Sarkar) Student-TA, TEQIP Characterization of organically modified flexible film for solar application to be used in solar cell (sol-gel process) 08.07.2016
Surama Biswas RA-TEQIP Reconstruction of Gene Regulatory Network of Different types of Cancer: Meta-heuristic Approaches. 08.09.2016
Biswajit Jana Student Reconstruction of Gene Regulatory Network of Parkinson's disease. 08.09.2016
Puspa Mahata Student-TA, TEQIP Enhanced Disaster Recovery Techniques in cloud Environment 08.09.2016
Nilanjana Guchait Student-TA, TEQIP Image Processing 08.09.2016
Mohana Bakshi Student Elderly Health monitoring and smart home automation 08.09.2016
Puja Das Student-TA, TEQIP Power Optimization in Mobile Network 08.09.2016
Utsab Das, Abantika Ganguly Student GSM Based home automation system using Android App. 08.09.2016
Nitish Agarwal, Puja Kumari Student Automated Number Plate Recognition 08.09.2016
Sourav Dutta, Hemal Taras Hansda, Saptarshi Roy Student Home Security Robot Using Andriod App 08.09.2016
Arkopal Roy Student 3D Printer System: Reducing Problems at Efficient Cost. 08.09.2016
Ananya Adhikari Student GPS/GSM Based Vehicle Tracking System 08.09.2016
Sayan Kumar Roy Student -TA, TEQIP Internet Vehicles Based on Open Stack 08.09.2016
Bipasha Mahato Student Earthquake Monitoring Using Arduino 08.09.2016
Mainak Ghosh Student -TA, TEQIP Comparative Analysis of LED Bulbs of 14-20 watt of Top Companies and their Cost Effectiveness in a 3BHK Household 08.09.2016
Nitesh Ghosh Student -TA, TEQIP Comparative Analysis of LED Bulbs of 05-12 watt of Top Companies and their Cost Effectiveness in a 2BHK Household 08.09.2016
Ranodeep Saha Student Heart Attack Alarm 08.09.2016
Subarna Dutta Student-TA, TEQIP Identification of Critical Genes related to Autism by Sample Classification 08.09.2016
Debayan De, Rohit das, Rudra Nil Basu, Sumitra Chowdhury Student Advaced Home Security Syatem 08.09.2016

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